Siemens-Rmit Fine Art Travelling Scholarship and Acquisition Prize


Becc Ország was awarded the Siemens-RMIT Fine Art Travelling Scholarship and Acquisition Prize for her large scale charcoal drawing Cannot Contain This. 

Cannot Contain This approaches the subject of the idolisation of authority within a seemingly compliant society that willingly conforms to a formulated existence.  Ország is searching for the moment at which the individual surrenders their unique identity for that of a collective, stemming from a concern of the troubling absence of individual thought within contemporary society. Believing ones past and unique memory to be pertinent devices in crafting the individual, she considers the inability to contain the enigmatic form of memory and its impact through presence or absence on the psyche of a person. Cannot Contain This utilizes excessive layering and erasure as a means of censoring and referencing omnipresent traces of the past that forcibly can only exist through a latent awareness. This has resulted in a psychological space inhabited by a coterie of cloaked children, whose coy expressions pervade the malevolent air. Violently erased planes expose the nothingness that lay beneath the intense voids of darkness that surround the subjects, which find themselves suspended in a dreamlike reality. The child as a subject allows for an investigation into the process of the adulteration of the purist kind of being, the child’s mind before exterior influence. 

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charcoal on 4 sheets of cotton paper, 200 x 152 cm, 2009