opened by sam leach

Five Australian artists came together for this Inagural exhibition at new Melbourne gallery Nicholas Projects. Featuring Natasha Bieniek, Robert Hague, Heath Franco, Tristian Jalleh and Becc Ország, opened by Sam Leach. 

Ország's Immaculate Landscape series are a meditation on the sublime. They depict a world within worlds, one that predicts it self in the reflection of its own image, reminiscent of a Rorschach image inviting the viewer to enter a state of self-reflection.  They are metaphysical landscapes, inspired by the collective longing for a sacred place beyond our earthly world, such as a utopia or the Garden of Eden. The minute and carefully considered detail an ultimate submission to the impossibility of perfection, with slight imperfections and incongruities in symmetry reminding us of mans humble limitations.

Instal images by Ian Paradine.

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