Becc Orszag in her studio



Becc Ország is an artist from Melbourne, Australia, who works primarily with drawing. Ország’s drawings though meticulously rendered, remain obscure and confounding in their unresolved narratives, presenting an idyllic yet perplexing world in which the profound coexists with the perturbed. By removing figures and landscapes from the safety of their original contexts she creates dissected, re-imagined, illusionary realms that teeter on the edge of reality. This act of manipulation and appropriation is a comment on the fallibility and malleability of our memories and questions the validity of official histories and widely accepted truths. She explores the fine line between Utopic and Dystopic ideals by investigating political, religious and social belief systems. Ország draws upon an interest in the universal longing for a heaven or utopic land, combined with mans inherent need to be lead and belong, to idolize and revere, and it’s shaping of us as individuals and a society. Her current work in particular explores the phenomenon of paramnesia, in which fantasy is confused with reality, inspiring Rorschach like landscapes which reflect upon themselves around totemic and vortex-like structures, creating meditative and sublime environments that invite the viewer into a state of self-reflection, encouraging autonomy and dissuading instruction.



2010       Bachelor of Fine Art (with Distinction), RMIT University, Melbourne
2005      Diploma of Art (Graphic Art), Box Hill Institute of TAFE, Melbourne



2018      'Fantasy of virtue / All things and nothing', Stockroom, Kyneton
              'Mirror Drawing' Becc Ország + Matthew Allen, The Neon Heater Gallery, Ohio, USA
2017       'The Myth-Makers', Becc Ország + Jeremy Blincoe, Gallerysmith, Melbourne
2016      'Sanctuary', Nicholas Projects, Melbourne
2015      'Linden Projects: Paper', Linden New Art, Melbourne
2014      'The land, the way and the wall', dianne tanzer gallery + projects, Melbourne
              'Improbable Journey', Gippsland Art Gallery, Sale
2012      'The Promised Land', dianne tanzer gallery + projects, Melbourne
2011       'Autocue', Daine Singer Gallery, Melbourne



2018      '65th Blake Prize' - Casula Powerhouse, Casula
              'Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing', Adelaide Perry Gallery, Sydney
              'Imagine' - Gippsland Art Gallery, Sale
              'Mixed Tape' - Stockroom, Kyneton
              'This Wild Song' Exhibition and Fundraiser, Gallerysmith, Melbourne
2017      'Into the Wilderness' - Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne
              'First Site 21st Birthday' - First Site Gallery, Melbourne
              'Incinerator Art Award - Art for Social Change', Incinerator Gallery, Melbourne
              'Hazelhurst Art on Paper Award', Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and Arts Centre, Gymea  
2016      'Dark Symmetries', PS Projectspace, Amsterdam, NL
              'Drawing to an End', MARS Gallery, Melbourne
              'Paul Guest Prize', Bendigo Art Gallery, Bendigo
              'National Works on Paper', Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, Mornington
              'Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing', Adelaide Perry Gallery, Sydney
2015      'Inaugural', Nicholas Projects, Melbourne
              'Incinerator Art Award - Art for Social Change', Incinerator Gallery, Melbourne
              'Flux Control', Contemporary Drawing Survey, House of Bricks, Melbourne
              'Hazelhurst Art on Paper Award', Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and Arts Centre, Gymea
2014-15 'JADA Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Award', Touring Exhibition, Australia
2014      'Only Human', First Site, Melbourne
2013      'The Churchie National Emerging Art Prize', Griffith University Art Gallery, Brisbane
2012      'NotFair' 1000£ Bend, Melbourne
              'Swan Hill Print & Drawing Acquisitive Awards', Swan Hill Regional Gallery, Swan Hill
2011       'Point of No Return', dianne tanzer gallery + projects, Melbourne
              'Rick Amor Print Prize', Montsalvat, Melbourne
              'Launch - Graduate Showcase', Brunswick Arts, Melbourne
2010      'Drawing Twenty Ten' Graduate Exhibition, Building 4 RMIT, Melbourne
2009     'Siemens-RMIT Fine Art Scholarship Awards', RMIT Gallery, Melbourne
              'Stories Told', First Site Gallery, Melbourne



2018      65th Blake Prize - Finalist
              Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing - Finalist
2017      Incinerator Art Award for Social Change - Finalist
              Hazelhurst Art on Paper Award - Finalist
2016      Paul Guest Prize - Finalist
              M Collection Art Award - Finalist
              National Works on Paper - Finalist
              Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing - Finalist
2015      Incinerator Art Award for Social Change - Finalist
              Hazelhurst Art on Paper Award - WINNER EMERGING ARTIST PRIZE
2014      JADA Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Award - Finalist
2013      The Churchie National Emerging Art Prize - HIGHLY COMMENDED
              Lethbridge 10 000 Award- Finalist
              Australian Council for the Arts, ARTSTART Grant RECIPIENT
2012      Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery Print & Drawing Acquisitive Awards - Finalist
2011       Rick Amor Print Prize - Finalist
2010      Brunswick Street Gallery Works on Paper - Finalist
2009     Siemens-RMIT Fine Art Travelling Scholarship- WINNER
              Siemens-RMIT Fine Art Acquisition Prize - WINNER



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Artbank, Gippsland Art Gallery, Siemens Australia, Private Collections in Australia, UK & Scandinavia.